Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Love Always Wants to Help Everyone

When my mother was walking back from the shops with a bag of shopping, which she found heavy, she stopped to have a rest. A woman stopped by and asked her where she was going and she told her. The woman offered to carry my mother's bag all the way to her front door then walked off in the opposite direction. Mum said she was so grateful to the woman for going out of her way to help her.

I reminded mum that I have helped several people in the neighbourhood before with their shopping.

I believe Love always wants to help everyone. Love doesn't care what your beliefs are or whether you are "good" or "bad." Love is like the sun that shines indiscriminately on everyone.

When Love inspires me to help someone with their shopping, I just do it. There is always a good story in it for me anyway, which is a win-win for all.


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